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  • Apps to Go:  Six Keys to Delivering User-Driven Mobile Applications
    Meeting the needs for the enterprise user poses particular challenges. Apps must work seamlessly across devices and screen sizes, enabling real-time collaboration, without sacrificing data security. This balance requires a mobile app development platform built for the unique demands of the enterprise.
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development: Enabling IT to Retake the Lead in a BYOD World
    This Technology Spotlight describes the enterprise IT challenges in a mobile world and provides an overview of IDC's Mobility Maturity Model, a road map for strategic transformation to enterprise mobility and evolution from "bring your own device" to "create your own application" (CYOA).
  • Change Your IT Mobile Application Challenges into Opportunities
    In the PC era, we had to support one or two PC operating system versions, one or two browsers, in a relatively stable environment. However, in the mobile market, there are multiple operating systems, which change frequently along with new devices each month and there are various types of network connections.
  • The State of Custom Mobile App Development
    The success of smartphones introduced a new paradigm for developing applications that's having a broad and deep impact on application development tools and software architectures. When compared with existing desktop or browser applications, this paradigm represents a new way for app developers to think about not only product design but also enterprise needs.
  • Designing a Defense for Mobile Applications
    This paper highlights the various considerations for defending mobile applications—from the mobile application architecture itself to the myriad testing technologies needed to properly assess mobile applications risk.
  • Deliver Mobile Apps: A Lifecycle Approach
    This white paper describes software and services that accelerate and simplify the creation of internally developed or “in-house” enterprise mobile applications. It also describes how to deploy and manage these mobile apps on both company-provided and “bring-your-own” smartphones and tablet computers. Solving the complete mobile app lifecycle means transforming enterprise apps for multiscreen devices; facilitating design, testing, security, performance, management, and compliance to reach new customers and employee expectations.
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