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The BlackBerry 10 Ready Program: Make Your Move Easy With These Services, Tools and Offers

Explore the enterprise-focused program designed to make your transition to BlackBerry® 10 seamless.

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Containerization Options: How to Choose the Best DLP Solution for Your Organization

This webcast outlines a framework for making the right choice when it comes to containerization approaches, along with the pros and cons of the five key Data Leak Prevention solutions.

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Understanding Secure Work Space for iOS and Android Devices

Find out about the key factors in any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, including manageability, security and support. Then learn how BlackBerry® 10 addresses each one, and more.

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Getting Ready for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10: Tips for the IT Manager

Installation, upgrading licenses, preparing apps and more – learn how to make your organization’s transition to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 smooth and seamless.

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Choosing an MDM Platform: Where to Start the Conversation

If you’re in the early stages of choosing an MDM solution, or you’re considering switching vendors, here are seven critical questions to ask – followed by the opening response from BlackBerry® to each one.

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Make the Most of Your Investment: Get FREE BlackBerry 10 Licenses

Upgrading to the new BlackBerry® 10 smartphones? Find out how to trade your existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server licenses one-for-one – free.

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Best Practices in BYOD: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Control devices running on iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® operating systems, across your organization, exactly the way you want to. And all from a single, centralized and unified management console.

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Why Now is the Time to Get Started with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Given that BlackBerry® 10 smartphones support Microsoft® ActiveSync™ out of the box, why should your business get started with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 now? Find out, in this insightful whitepaper.

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BlackBerry 10: Setting New Standards in Mobile Security

In this overview document, learn about the security features BlackBerry® 10 can deliver for all the devices in your enterprise, whether they’re running on an iOS, Android™ or BlackBerry® platform.

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Apps on BlackBerry 10: What Every Developer Should Know

Get a quick review of what you need to know about creating, deploying, and managing the apps that enterprises rely on today, and will tomorrow, with BlackBerry® 10.

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Five Key Issues to Factor into Your MDM Solution Decision

Although the BYOD market is maturing, best practices are still elusive for many IT decision-makers. Find out about 5 key areas to consider when choosing an MDM solution, and learn how BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 addresses each one.

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