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Automated, Service-oriented Disaster Recovery for All Your Data

    RecoverTrac Demo: Failover in a Multi-server Environment

    RecoverTrac is the industry's first automated disaster recovery tool that allows you to recover from any physical or virtual failure. Here we demonstrate how to perform failover using the RecoverTrac tool supporting VMware vCenter vSphere.

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    RecoverTrac Demo: Failback in a Multi-server Environment

    RecoverTrac technology orchestrates the failback and recovery of resources in a simplified, automated fashion. Watch how RecoverTrac enables failback from virtual resources at a disaster recovery site to physical servers, and from one set of hardware to another, restoring services at the data center.

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    Cut Disaster Recovery Downtime & Costs. Don't Wait, Automate.

    Automate disaster recovery processes to minimize system maintenance costs and dramatically reduce your workload while preserving the integrity of your data. Automated DR technology from FalconStor lets you deliver complete service and system recovery in line with your business goals.

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    Strand Associates Improves RTO & RPO with FalconStor® CDP

    FalconStor CDP solves Strand Associates' toughest data backup and disaster recovery (DR) challenges. CDP technology allows this engineering firm to shrink RPO to less than a minutes, decrease RTO to 15-20 minutes per server, and speed up file recovery.

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    Disaster Recovery Trends in 2013

    Despite major advances in IT, many companies continue to use unreliable, inadequate tape backup and manual processes for disaster recovery. But not to worry! Organizations are making it a priority to automate their systems in 2013!

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    WAN-optimized Replication: Revolutionize Your IT Efficiency

    Replicating data can quickly increase bandwidth and storage costs. WAN optimization technologies built into FalconStor disaster recovery solutions can reduce the amount of bandwidth and storage capacity used for replication, enabling cost savings while maintaining application performance.

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    FalconStor®, InfoWorld Survey on Disaster Recovery Trends

    Recent survey results show that organizations are shifting from outdated tape backup and manual processes for recovery, moving towards reliable and advanced technologies such as disaster recovery automation and replication. Read the report for the full findings on current disaster recovery trends.

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    RecoverTrac: Automated Service-oriented Disaster Recovery

    Protecting data means nothing if you can’t recover it. FalconStor® RecoverTrac™ automates complex disaster recovery tasks, bringing service-oriented recovery to physical and virtual server infrastructures. Read this technical white paper to learn how RecoverTrac technology addresses DR challenges.

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    Sega Toys Reduces IT Costs with FalconStor® CDP

    This leading manufacturer of toys and electronics does not play around when it comes to backing up data. Sega Toys uses FalconStor CDP to protect growing data stores while reducing backup/recovery times, simplifying operations, and streamlining IT costs.

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    Unified Backup & Disaster Recovery for VMware Environments

    FalconStor CDP enables flexible, automated, and dependable backup and near-instant disaster recovery for any VMware vSphere environment. In addition to local data protection and recovery, it provides automated DR for both virtual and physical servers, utilizing heterogeneous storage from any vendor.

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    FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) Product Overview

    FalconStor CDP is a disk based backup and recovery solution that provides comprehensive data protection functions such as mirroring, snapshots, journaling, remote replication, and automated disaster recovery.

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    Greater London Authority Shrinks Recovery Times with FalconStor® NSS

    Events such as the 2012 London Olympic Games and the Royal Jubilee celebrations caused data to expand to a staggering 60TB for the Greater London Authority. FalconStor NSS helps GLA shrink recovery times and save on storage costs while enabling centralized management and automated disaster recovery.

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    RecoverTrac Automated Disaster Recovery Technology Datasheet

    RecoverTrac technology provides fully automated service-oriented data recovery. Supporting mixed physical and virtual server environments and offering the flexibility to recover locally or remotely, RecoverTrac is the only tool you need to recovery “Any Service, Any Time, Any Place.”

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    FRMG uses FalconStor® CDP to Lower RPO

    See how a forest management service provider uses FalconStor CDP snapshots for backup and disaster recovery to protect its data, eliminate tape usage, and lower RPO.

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